Laminate has long been considered a great affordable alternative to wood, stone, or tile, but not all laminate is the same. Ask yourself these questions to understand your needs, so you choose the right one.

What is your style?

Are you drawn to raised grains, distinctive veining patterns, or the cool, smooth look of tile? 

Laminate wood flooring, with gorgeous raised grains and textures, is much sought after, but lately, the stone and tile looks have been flying out of our store, probably because of that firm, authentic feeling like that of a hard surface.

What kind of foot traffic will you get?

Is your family large and active with pets and kids or small and quiet? Do you entertain frequently?  How do you plan to use the room? The answers to those questions will help you determine your needs.

Why should I pay attention to the AC (Abrasion Criteria) Rating?

This determines durability and impact resistance. It's a one to six ratings that, as the numbers increase, so does the strength. Using the right one affects visuals, performance, and longevity.

Why does thickness matter?

A more robust surface will be quieter, hide subfloor imperfections better and provide more design options. Buy the best your wallet will allow, preferably 10-mm or 12-mm.  

Where are you installing it?

A newly introduced waterproof laminate flooring version makes it ideal for kitchens and baths, once avoided by moisture issues. In addition, the product is spillproof, eliminating worries about soaking and staining. Just be sure to specify if you want this waterproof version or the original one.

If it’s so easy to install, why do I need a professional?

Installation can make any floor look a high-end surface, and a professional installer will also use special features, such as caulking or joint extenders to enhance specific characteristics. This will make it look great and perform well for a long time. Protect your investment!

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