Tips to make your flooring last longer

Tips to make your flooring last longer

You love your new floors. And you want them to last a long time.

Like anything, the better you care for them, the longer they'll last. Even if the flooring is low maintenance, it still needs periodic TLC.

Read on to hear our tips.

Please keep it clean (and do it right)

Wipe spills immediately, so stains don't set. Dry-mop hard surfaces frequently and vacuum all flooring at least once a week.

Sand is sharp and can embed between planks and scratches. Even without planks, dirt can pit.

Always use a manufacturer-approved cleaner. If you have any questions, seek the advice of the flooring company staff.

Avoid abrasive tools and cleaners. If they say to avoid wax, shine-promoting cleaners do so; they will damage the finish and dull the floors.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Some floorings, like light hardwood, will fade or change color when exposed to the sun. Use adequate window coverings and be sure they're motorized so you can control them even when not home.

Use area rugs strategically

Place rugs or mats at entrances, in front of sinks, and high traffic areas.

Don’t skimp on padding or underlayments

You'll learn much about the importance of padding and underlayments when visiting the flooring store.

Padding protects the carpet from the bare floor and heavy foot traffic. Without it, fibers can fray, and the backing can crumble.

Underlayments provide a solid foundation and act as a vapor barrier. They also cushion falls, block cold air and reduce noise.

Use protective furniture pads

They protect wood floors from scratches when you move furniture.

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