The carpet FAQ: What you need to know

There’s a reason why carpet is so popular. It adds warmth and charm to a home and comes with countless benefits. In the Moeller Carpet & Floor Covering showroom, we frequently hear the same questions, so we want to address them here.

Is it up-to-date with technological advances?

Today's carpets have broader color palettes and digital patterning; even the shag, with its once-iconic brown, gold, and green colors, now comes in a wide variety of colors, including purple, blue, red, black, and multi-tones. In addition, digital patterning means the design goes all the way through the yarn, opposed to sitting at the tip, which was once the case; as a result, they are more vibrant and fade-resistant. Technology has also given manufacturers the capability of developing rugs that are more durable, stain-resistant, pet-friendly, hypoallergenic, and sustainable.

Can I have a carpet installation even with asthma or allergies?

Numerous scientific studies have proven that rugs can improve indoor air quality. That is because the fibers trap pollutants where they'll remain until the carpet is deeply cleaned, so particles won't fly around in the air for anyone to breathe. Yes, vacuuming is terrific, and we recommend you do it several times a week, but that only gets the surface dirt; deep cleaning is the only way to scrub the rug.

Does carpet make a room warmer?

Rugs indeed have a high R-value, which makes them absorb heat and cold rather than transferring it like some other floorings. A soft surface will give the room a warm, toasty feeling, especially in cold Iowa winters. It works the other way; as long as the room is chilly, a rug will hold on to that feeling. Carpet padding also has a high R-value that, when combined with the carpet R-value, soars.

Should I use the same carpet all through the house?

No, because every space has its challenges and priorities. For example, a soft, high pile rug like the shag may be great for low traffic areas like the bedroom. Still, it wouldn't work well for the stairway where easy cleanability, durability, and safety are prioritized. Just be sure all the colors harmonize, so you have a cohesive look.
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