Flooring installation


Why a sound flooring installation is so important

Some say the flooring installation is as necessary as the product, and we agree. An excellent installation can even make a budget material look like expensive, high-end flooring. At Moeller Carpet & Floor Covering, we've been helping people transform their homes since 1959, and we have some of the best installers in the business, so you can always be sure of receiving a quality, craftsman-like floor. That said, consider us your one-and-only flooring company in Remsen, IA.

Advantages of a professional installation

While it might be tempting to save by doing it yourself, you'll be saving money because you are protecting your investment. With professionals like us, the floor will look and perform better for a long time. For example, take a carpet installation: We'll measure correctly so you don't buy too much (wasteful) or too little (which can cause delays). We'll make sure ceramic tiles have that cool, smooth surface for which they are known, without cracks, breaks, or crumbles. We also restore subfloors and take moisture readings throughout the process so your hardwood floor won't cup, crown or warp and you'll save by avoiding costly repairs and possible premature replacement, not to mention the retail cost of proper tools.



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Types of flooring techniques

This mostly depends upon the type of flooring and its backing, but there is one exception: solid hardwood floors. These use the traditional tongue and groove with a nail down with several coats of stain and finish, all of which must be thoroughly dry between coats. In addition, subfloors need to be restored with moisture readings taken throughout the process.

Others include the floating floor where the pieces click and mat and then hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue. Loose lay is similar to the floating floor but doesn't have the clicking mechanism; the sheets hover. Glue-down and nail-down are as they sound.

When we work on a flooring installation we’ll employ the use of caulking or joint extenders which can enhance certain characteristics. At Moeller Carpet & Floor Covering our philosophy is that every step you take in your home is important and our estimates are also straightforward and easy to read. Come into our showroom in Remsen, IA for information and a free quote, especially if you live or work in Remsen, IA, Le Mars, IA, Sioux City, IA, Cherokee, IA, Sioux Center, IA, Orange City, IA, Kingsley, IA, Marcus, IA or Paullina, IA.